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Meet LeNard Simmons

LeNard Simmons

I reside in Hermitage, Tennessee, where I dedicate my efforts to helping candle businesses establish a robust online presence. My primary focus is on website design, search engine optimization (SEO), and automating marketing sales funnels tailored for small enterprises. Through these services, I aim to empower local businesses to reach their full potential and thrive in a competitive digital landscape

Beyond website development, I channel my passion for knowledge into creating educational ebooks. These ebooks cover a range of topics including business and personal development, aromatherapy, and candle making. Each book is crafted with the intention of providing valuable insights and practical guidance to readers seeking to expand their skills and knowledge in these areas.

One of my favorite pastimes is learning to code. I have a solid foundation in HTML and CSS, and I'm gradually enhancing my proficiency in Python. This ongoing learning journey not only fuels my professional growth but also allows me to stay abreast of the latest technological advancements.

In addition to my tech pursuits, I have a deep passion for making scented, eco-friendly candles. This hobby combines creativity and sustainability, resulting in products that are both delightful and environmentally conscious. I sell these handcrafted candles online and at local flea markets, where I enjoy connecting with customers and sharing the story behind each unique scent.

My work and hobbies are more than just activities; they are a reflection of my commitment to continuous learning, creativity, and helping others. Whether through website design, educational content, or handcrafted candles, I strive to make a positive impact in my community and beyond.

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